Rules And Regulations -

 Rules & Regulations 2018


Guide & Regulations for Seasonal Lessees

May 18th to September 3rd , 2018

  1. Seasonal Campsites
  • Site is to consist of one trailer, and one shed
  • No subletting of site or trailer permitted
  • Any site modification deck, shed, etc. must be approved by management before construction is begun.
  • Lawn maintenance is your responsibility
  • The resort lawn maintenance will be done on Thursday and or Fridays so please move your vehicles accordingly. We cannot be responsible for any damage that the lawn mower may incur so again please move your vehicles. 
  • Raking & hauling leaves is your responsibility. Leaves must be taken to the dump or removed from the resort.
  • Saws, tree trimmers, spades, lawn mower etc., are available for your use. They are stored in the Garden Shed.
  • No type of tarp material plastic/canvas or other is to be tarped over camper or deck for the repair of leak; no tarps are to be erected at all.


  1. Trailer Sales
  • No trailer can be sold or moved to a new site unless approved by management
  • All trailers that are for sale and any new trailers coming in must meet the new guidelines. The new unit must be no older than 20 years of age and in good condition.
  • Persons purchasing units have to comply with all rules and regulations and fill out a new lease agreement. No lease agreement will be transferred from one person to another and can not be grandfathered to family members, friends, etc.
  • No mobile homes permitted.
  • With your lease you will have access to one bobcat move, (to move your trailer in if needed)which needs to be arranged in advance by email or contacting the store number. If you require the bobcat for placement of a deck, shed or other personal belongings within your campsite it is $145/hour and again needs to be arranged a head of time.


  1. Visitors
  • Visitors with trailers on your lot or in an available lot will pay a “camping fee” of $50 per night plus GST. Visitors with tents on your site will pay a “camping fee” of $30 per night plus GST.  PLEASE HAVE VISITORS REGISTER UPON ARRIVAL.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!! IF AFTER HOURS PLEASE REGISTER FIRST THING IN THE AM.
  • Campers are responsible at all times for their guests as well as their children and their pets.


  1. Sheds/Decks/Fences
  • Maximum 1 shed per campsite
  • Maximum shed size 36 square feet, maximum height 8’ to peak
  • Sheds are to be used for storage ONLY.
  • All sheds/decks/fences etc. must have a coat of paint/stain or siding. All OSB/chipboard must be covered with siding.
  • No fences over 60 inches in height will be allowed
  • Any alterations/additions or construction must be approved by management


  1. Resort Property
  • No trees, landscaping, or shoreline shall be altered without permission from the management
  • No mounting of any kind permitted on trees. e. satellite dishes, clothes lines etc.  These items must be mounted on a pole in your site.  See management for location approval.
  • Please drive on designated roadways ONLY. All Quads, dirt bikes, motorized vehicles must remain on the roadways (please do not drive beside the speedbumps) as this is damaging the grass.
  • No camping or vehicles of any type allowed on subdivision lots


  1. Boats, Boat Trailers & Piers
  • A designated boat & trailer parking area has been established.  Please make sure you check the appropriate box when returning the signed guidelines and pay the necessary fee to ensure yourself a site.  No storage of any other personal property will be allowed.
  • There will be no boats, trailers or lifts allowed on the seasonal sites as the resort gets very congested and people cannot get in and out of their sites
  • Cedar Cove will not assist in the insertion or removal of boat lifts, piers etc.
  • Any boat lift must be approved by management due to unsightly and unattended piers
  • Seasonal Lessees that have lifts that are not being used over the summer will be asked to be removed
  • Pier owners must be responsible for cleaning seaweed and weed growth dockside
  • Lifts and piers must be moved into your boat storage area for the winter
  • No boats/seadoos allowed in the swimming area


  1. Vehicles
  • Speed limit is 15km/h. Keep in mind there are children playing.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way. Vehicles must yield to all pedestrians.
  • Any excessive speed, noise, erratic driving of vehicles, quads, motorcycles, golf carts or any other motorized apparatus will be banned immediately from the resort. We have installed a gate on the East side of the store.  The main gate to the resort will be open all day from 7:00am-10/10:30pm.  It will be closed every night.  The gate on the East side of the store will be closed all day and be open at 10/10:30pm until 7:00am.  This will stop a lot of unnecessary traffic through the resort as we have an abundance of smaller children in the resort.
  • No quads, side by sides, golf carts or any motorized vehicles are allowed on the beach and or the subdivision lots.


  1. Garbage
  • Campsites are to be kept clean & tidy at all times
  • There will be a garbage bin located by the fuel pump area for all garbage disposals. Everyone is responsible to dispose of their garbage. Any other items must be taken to the landfill; hours are posted in the store.  Please put garbage in the bin. HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE ONLY.  No lawn chairs, tarps, boxes etc…
  • For disposal of leaves, branches etc., as stated above they must be taken to the dump or removed from the resort.


  1. Campfires
  • You are responsible for your own fire pits and fire pit maintenance (ashes to be discarded in the leaf disposal area).
  • Any firewood must be neatly stacked out of sight (in a shed or under trailer)
  • Do not leave unattended
  • Firewood is available for sale at the store. Firewood that is independently brought in must be for your OWN   No dump trailers, truck loads etc. to be dumped in the resort by individuals or outside firewood sales people.  You are allowed to bring in firewood but ONLY for your own personal use.


  1. Alcoholic Beverages
  • Please be discreet with your alcoholic beverage i.e. plastic glasses or cover up cans & bottles
  • Empty bottles & cans must be stored discreetly
  • No alcohol beverages allowed in public areas, playground, etc.
  • No glass allowed on beach


  1. Noise
  • Quiet time is from 11:00pm – 8:00am
  • Quiet time will be strictly enforced.
  • All quads, golf carts, motorcycles, loud vehicles will not be permitted to enter the resort after 11pm, park them outside the resort gates (do not block the gates) and walk in and pick them up in the morning after 8am.
  • If anyone (your guests are your responsibility) is found breaking this rule, their unit will be banned from the resort, if found doing this a second time you will be asked to remove your trailer and all belongings as your seasonal lease will be terminated immediately.
  • Please do not drive up and down the ditches as we are and will be planting grass and trees.
  • Quiet time is all the time; please respect your neighbor.


  1. Children
  • Children of registered campers under the age of 18 not permitted overnight without parental supervision
  • Parents are responsible for the actions of their children


  1. Pets
  • All pets are to be kept on a leash at all times
  • Owners are responsible for pet care; please CLEAN UP after your pet.
  • Pets that are a nuisance or a danger to other campers will not be permitted in the resort.


  1. Fireworks
  • Fireworks must be discharged in authorized locations (beach ONLY).
  • No fireworks after 11pm


  1. Water Supply & Sewage
  • We have been informed by Sask Health that all trailers that are connected to our fresh water supply must have an inline backflow prevention valve installed. This is your responsibility to install and maintain.  We will stock this item for purchase at the store.


  1. Fridge/Freezer/AC units
  • Fridge/freezers are not to be stored on decks or outside (please put in shed)
  • Only one fridge/freezer combo no larger than 14.8 cubic feet or one freezer no larger than 8 cubic feet will be allowed per site.
  • No window mounted or household air conditioner units are allowed.
  • Please do not run AC excessively.  If your trailer is not occupied for a 12hour period please turn the AC off.  This is a continuous problem, please be diligent about this.


  1. If Toby’s  immediate attention is requested please contact the store and they will get a hold of her.




This property is privately owned and operated.  The owner assumes no responsibility for any accidents or injury to guests or their belongings. The owner is not responsible for any acts of god that damage or prevent access to your site. The owner reserves the right to refuse service or evict any person that is not complying with the above regulations with no refund or prior notification.  Lease deposits and payments are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon.






All leases are to be paid by cheque, cash or e-transfer only. Leases are due March 15th, 2018.   Make cheque payable to Six Star Developments Ltd. and mail to:

Cedar Cove Resort

Box 103

Cowessess, Sask S0G 5L0


There will be no occupancy until the lease, boat storage fee and all taxes are paid in full.  Interest will be charged on all overdue accounts @2.5% per month. Please send in your signed contract along with payment.


All questions concerning the new regulations or seasonal leases should be forwarded to Cedar Cove Resort 794-4926 or email:


If not wishing to extend lease for the 2019 season please notify Cedar Cove Resort by September 30th, 2018.   All trailers and belongings to be removed by October 31st, 2018.  If we have not been notified by September 30th, 2018 we will assume that you are renewing your lease.  If you are not renewing your lease for the following season but wish to leave trailer in storage at the resort for the winter there will be a $500 storage fee payable at that time.
























I/we ________________________________________seasonal leassees have read and agree to abide by the rules and regulations for Cedar Cove Resort.  We understand that if these rules and regulations are not followed the owner reserves the right to refuse service or evict any person not complying.  We have enclosed the full payment for our seasonal lease.


Dated: _______________________                 Signature: _________________________




Will need a site to store boat/trailer/boat lift          Yes    No

for the required boat storage fee of $100 + GST


Will need a location for our boat lift/pier and

winter storage fee of $100 + GST                          Yes    No


Please add the $105 for boat storage to the amount of the lease if required, and make your payment for the total amount.


If a boat lift/pier area is required please add another $105 for that, which includes the storage for the winter.









Trent & Toby Sillers Proprietors

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PHONE: 1-306-794-4926
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